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36 Grand River Street North
Paris, ON, N3L 2M2


Make your own wine in Paris, ON! We offer wine-making and unique gifts and local artisan foods unlike no other! 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can we bring our children when we bottle our wine?

The Paris Grapery is family friendly. We have designed a comfortable and safe waiting area within sight of the production area. A large screen monitor provides the little ones with appropriate streaming children’s classic movies while they wait for caregivers to bottle their wine. “Come one come all”

    (Small children are not allowed in the processing area for safety and insurance reasons)

How much does it cost to produce you own wine?

The pricing depends on the quality you wish to acquire. The prices for our premium kits are comparable to most other Southern Ontario crafters. For a current price list, stop by the facility in beautiful downtown Paris. There is considerable saving in crafting your own wine compared to wine companies in general.

How old must you be to make wine?

The law states you must be 19 years of age to craft wine.

Is there parking?

Free commercial parking is available. There is also a separate loading and unloading area at the rear of the production area for safety and convenience.

How long does the process take?

Depending on the type of juice and quality you purchase, the kits range from 4,5,6 and 8 weeks respectively. The first 24-48 hrs. the juice sits in Italian glass to ferment. Then through a filtering process and wine management onto the glass carboys to sit for the desired wines needs. The wine by appointment, is then bottled and corked, heat wrapped then labelled. The process roughly takes from thirty to forty minutes for a thirty bottle kit to complete.

How long before we can consume the product?

It is recommended that a three-month waiting is observed but because of the nature of our kits and the method in which we craft the wine, you can drink as soon as you wish after bottling. (We use less sulfates which makes this possible.)

Do you use special water?

The “Water Depot” supplies our clean water unit and the special filters that remove all impurities and chlorine from the municipal water. The water then is passed through a special UV system to render all bacteria and other impurities inert. “When it comes to water, there will be no weak link in the chain.”

When are you open?

    All hours are subject to Statutory Holidays



    Tuesday……………….10am …6pm.

    Wednesday……………10am …6pm.


    Friday………………….10am …7pm.


Are gift cards available for purchase?

Yes! We do have gift cards available. Either give us a call or visit it us at our store to purchase! 


Do you have WIFI?

    Free WIFI is available to all customers.